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Next Level Real Estate Training - Growing your business to a 7 figure income is a step by step process.  Dates are being scheduled for 2014 for this 3 day live event.  Loren Keim will take you from ground zero to millionaire Realtor level.

Commercial Real Estate Systems - The best Commercial Real Estate Training System on the market today is used by thousands of Real Estate professionals around the globe.

Residential Real Estate Training - Loren Keim's best selling individual programs including How to Sell Any Home in a Slow Market, The Ultimate Prospecting System and the Ultimate Listing Presentation are available on an ala carte basis.
What Is The Next Level Real Estate Training Retreat?
Developed and personally led by Loren Keim, The Next Level Real Estate Training Retreat is a 3 day event that leads participants through the process of growing their businesses from their current level to the next rung on the ladder of success, advancing toward a consistent 7 figure income.

This powerful event introduces agents and brokers to systems used by top agents throughout the world to deliver consistent results in their careers regardless of market conditions.  The event is fun and entertaining, filled with real world stories, jam packed with great information, and each system is laid out step-by-step.

With your ticket to the event, you'll be given Loren Keim's SuccessPak, available only through the Next Level Retreat, including books, scripts, dialogues, CD's and much more!  Join us! 

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Improve your production by improving yourself and your systems.  We offer some of the most comprehensive Real Estate Training programs available today.  These programs are designed to assist you in competing more effectively in your market and build your business to a 7 figure income!
Based on our best selling system "The Fundamentals of Listing and Selling Commercial Real Estate", Loren Keim offers a variety of programs to assist Realtors in getting started in Commercial Real Estate, marketing properties, understanding terms, and making the switch from residential sales.
Loren Keim proudly offers many different training tools and information to help agents achieve their desired levels of success.  Some of this material is available in Book, Audio or Video formats for purchase.  Some material is complimentary.  Please explore these products here:
  bullet  The Next Level Program
Re-igniting Your Real Estate Career
The Ultimate Listing Presentation
  bullet  The Prospecting System
Wow Service Systems
  bullet  Working with Buyers
  bullet  Handling Objections
  bullet  Short Sale Information
  bullet  The Fundamentals of Commercial RE
21st Century Marketing Techniques
DVD Training System
Free Tools and Reports


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Darryl Davis, Loren Keim & Fiona Blayney

Henry Winkler & Loren KeimHenry Winkler with Loren Keim
Jack Canfield & Loren Keim
Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup Books with Loren Keim
Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels with Loren Keim
Dan Gooder Richard, Loren Keim, Stefan Swanepoel featured at NAR

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Loren Keim
Speaking at National Convention
Loren Keim with Katie Lindol on Spike TV


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